Make every girl’s bag reborn

Every girl would feel a bag in her closet, even though she had a lot of it, like a diamond is the best friend of a girl, and the bag is the same. When the bag is carelessly damaged, no matter whether the girl is a female paper or a Meng Mei paper, it will feel sad to tears. After all, in any case, the beloved bag was picked out by her hand, and maybe she could eat a month’s instant noodles.

And the general care and maintenance of the bag, I believe that people who love luxury goods know about one or two, but they always can’t understand it very well. In order to reduce the confusion of girls, Kathy has arranged some notices for nursing all kinds of bags. In addition, girls must remember, when buying goods, ask the attendant where the leather goods need special care and attention, after the purchase of leather goods should be carefully maintained, so as to avoid damage.

However, most people often want to send their favorite bags to professional luxury care care services, but do not know where to send, or because the high price of cabinet maintenance is prohibitive. Now, with the help of Kathy hee, girls do not have to worry about it, though they trust their beloved bag to Kai Xi. In good faith, professional and efficient service consciousness, Kaye starts from the customer experience and sticks to the improvement of the technology to provide customers with an unprecedented service experience, making every girl’s bag like a rebirth.

You need to buy a brand bag

During the Spring Festival, the consumer market in Wuhan was very hot, and reporters from all the major stores in Wuhan have learned that the sales of luxury goods, gold, jewelry and cosmetics have increased significantly.

During the Spring Festival, reporters in Canton saw that the enthusiasm of citizens shopping is high, and a big package has become the choice of many people. In stores such as LV and GUCCI on the first floor of guogang, waiting customers are queuing up. “Just go around a circle, there are other styles, no turning around.” Ms. Wang said that a new bag of embossed colors was bought, and the effort to drink milk tea was bought.

“One is because during the Spring Festival holiday, customers get together to buy prizes for annual meetings and give them new year presents to their family members or friends, highlighting their styles and tastes. In addition, the customs now strictly check excessive luxury goods, prompting consumers to gradually turn to the mainland from abroad, and play a certain role in promoting the growth of luxury consumption. During the Spring Festival, the names of jewelry, wristwatches, bags, clothing and other categories were high, and the sales were all high, many times in previous years.

“To go shopping for the new year is more than a little.” During the new year, Wu Shang square, guogang, world trade and business square, and Han merchants all launched the new spring activities discount, online and offline discounts, especially at the brand’s year-end special sale, and sold “cabbage price” after a high price discount.

New retail marketing has attracted more and more joiners

The market of luggage and bags in China has reached 3 billion 170 million US dollars in 2015, and it is expected to reach US $6 billion 380 million by 2020, which is much higher than that of Europe and America. At the same time, the concept of “new retail” proposed by Ma Yun has also accelerated the new round of “outbreak” of women’s bag entity stores, and more and more people begin to realize that the women’s bag industry under the “new retail format” will become a new market blue sea.

In October 2017, the Ministry of Commerce issued a series of achievements report on “five years of Endeavour”, pointing out that the innovative transformation results of the entity retailing have been preliminarily revealed, and the new retail format of our country has been formed. In the past, women’s entity brands can not effectively collect customer’s consumption data, and carry on fine marketing, but the trend of online and offline integration of new retail is exactly in line with the transformation needs of traditional women’s retail industry.

Under the “new retail format”, there are almost no advantages for women’s individual stores. Brand joining has become the priority of many entrepreneurs. In the fierce market competition, choosing a mature woman bag brand can not only directly copy the experience and business model of the store, but also rely on the large data resources of the chain brand, deeply understand the consumer’s buying habits and consumption needs, so as to carry out fine marketing and realize the new retail concept. Innovation transformation.

Choose a bag suitable for yourself

As the saying goes, women’s temperament depends on the bag they use. Today Xiaobian will introduce a shoulder shoulder bag for bin Ya fashion bag. This single shoulder skew handbag has 4 colors: red, black, coffee, and military green. The coffee color package is a decorative element with the pop element leopard print. So many colors, with the exterior of the bag type, are always suitable for you.

The bag of bin Ya fashion bag can be used as a handbag, with shoulder strap, and it can also be used as a single shoulder skew spanning bag. The main fabric material is leather to create this bag, soft texture, random folding does not appear crease or crack. And, the zipper, hook and other accessories are very strong sense of hardware, super metal and a round water bucket bag appearance combined together can better reflect the trend and fashion.

The wine red bin fashion Single Shoulder Satchel has no scarlet gorgeous, not like peach red publicity, but not pink and tender, but more restrained and elegant. Elegant wine red from the precious wine extracted from the wine, long mellow, it is rich but not dull, noble but no shelf, showing the modern atmosphere of the modern atmosphere. In short, it is suitable for goddess who is suitable for pursuing retro wind and wants to show her noble image.

Black can be said to be the least of the color, whether you are a young girl, or OL mature woman will not be the boundary of age, with any color together in a classic, never out of date. If you have the intention of buying new bags in the new year, you may start with the black bin Ya Fashion Shoulder bag. At any office, such as going to work, daily activities, appointments and parties, a low-priced black bag can never be exaggerated but fashionable.

A woman and her bag’s unhappy return

“Look, these two bags are quite different in color and different in workmanship.” In March 18th, an ancient lady who lived in the golden Huafu District told reporters that in March 8th, she bought a lady’s bag in the official flagship store on Taobao online, which was 535 yuan after the “38” festival.

After receiving the goods, there is something wrong with the decorations on the package. After consulting with the merchants, the merchants asked the old lady to apply for a replacement, and the old lady sent the returned packages to the merchants.

In March 14th, the old lady received the bag that the merchant gave her. After opening it, it was found that the color of the bag was different from that of the first package.

“The bag I bought is brown, so the seller returned it to me in a golden color, and the bag’s straps and zippers were different.” Gu told reporters that she found that the second time she received the wrong package, she immediately took pictures, contacted the merchants, but never received the reply from the merchants. So she applied for a return.

MONOGRAM is one of the most familiar and favorite series of girls.

The spring, each of the top priority should be a package? To! Girls, let’s confirm the look. It’s decided to be on a channel. And then fall in love with these new bags.

If asked about the recent popular fashion packages in fashion circles, we must have to mention SAINT LAURENT. The French brand with infinite magic power makes people fall in love with each other. Formal occasions, parties are also good, day to go to work, or shopping in the afternoon tea, as long as there is a YSL bag, the whole body LOOK has a bright spot, the temperament to improve several degrees! Come on, move the map to feel it.

From the classic rebirth, full of the spirit of rock cool luxury brands, IT BAG emerge in an endless stream. From the exquisite mini bag to the classic concise package, we always let a lot of fans fall into the trap.

Creative life and good products

I don’t know when I became popular. Maybe it was a light and luxurious bag sent by a boyfriend on the back of the A. Later, it was only known that it was bought in the creative department store. It was said to be Hongkong goods, and a big ticket was reaped to envy jealousy and hate.

This kind of vision gave her a sense of superiority, which will play more frequent lipstick, foundation and scarves. Later, many people joined in this camp, probably also want to enjoy such a sense of superiority.

There were two girls in the bag. But there are some slight differences in the details. There must be a fake goods, but no one seriously, have to find out who is who is false.

After a period of time, it began to cost more than anyone who bought, which was cheap and creative. Recommend shops each other and share your shopping experience. The atmosphere of each other is more harmonious than before. After the recommendation of small A, later we all recognized the creative life shop.

According to all the needs of people in daily life, creative life fashion is summed up as follows: jewelry series, household appliances series, kitchen and toilet articles series, arts and crafts series, water cup series, beauty cosmetics series, toy series, bag series, underwear series, fashion tide series, digital product series. There are twelve major series, such as office style series, one-stop shopping and shopping easier. A store can make daily needs easier and more convenient.

Exquisite designed organ bag

Organ bag in the past two years suddenly popular to the stars on both sides of the Changjiang River, around bestie, really is the explosion in a battle. Xiaobian has been fascinated by bin Ya’s fashionable organ in recent years. The bag can be said to be a small sparrow but full of all organs.

There are four colors of wine red, khaki, ash and black, and the wine red is the first choice in the winter with the dark color. The khaki and the gray are two kinds of lower colors, compared to the wine red, the two colors can play a weaker effect in the front of the eye, but the two colors of the bag. But it is very suitable for people with low profile character.

Bin Ya fashion organ, shoulder straps across the handbag, shoulder strap can be disassembled freely. Using soft handle to carry this bag can also show the sense of fashion. This organ package is made up of two layers, which is more exquisite than other styles of organ bags, so it doesn’t seem to be cumbersome. Although there are only two layers, but in terms of capacity, bin Ya’s fashionable organ bag is not inferior to other brands of multi organ packages.

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